Southeast Asia is the geographical southeastern sub region of Asia. It consists of the regions that are south of China, east of the Indian subcontinent and north-west of Australia.

Southeast Asia has some fairly large climatic variations as you move around. Whatever time of the year you pick, you have to plan ahead to be seriously lucky to avoid bad weather altogether.



  1. The Weather and Climate in Southeast Asia
  2. Map of Southeast Asia
  3. Best Time to Visit Malaysia
  4. Best Time to Visit Brunei
  5. Best Time to Visit Cambodia
  6. Best Time to Visit Timor-Leste
  7. Best Time to Visit Myanmar
  8. Best Time to Visit Indonesia
  9. Best Time to Visit Laos
  10. Best Time to Visit Singapore
  11. Best Time to Visit The Philippines
  12. Best Time to Visit Thailand
  13. Best Time to Visit Vietnam
  14. Conclusion


The Weather and Climate


The climate in Southeast Asia is mainly tropical-hot and humid all year round with plentiful rainfall. Northern Vietnam and the mountainous parts of Laos and Myanmar are the only regions in Southeast Asia that feature a subtropical climate, which has a cooler winter with potential snow.

The majority of Southeast Asia has a wet and dry season caused by seasonal shifts in winds or monsoon. The tropical rain belt causes additional rainfall during the monsoon season. The rainforest is the second largest on Earth.

An exception to this type of climate and vegetation is the mountain areas in the northern region, where high altitudes lead to milder temperatures and drier landscape. Other parts fall out of this climate because they are hot.

Southeast Asia is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change in the world. Climate change will have a big effect on agriculture in Southeast Asia such as irrigation systems will be affected by changes in rainfall and runoff, and subsequently, water quality and supply.



Map of Southeast Asia



Countries of Southeast Asia to visit for good Weather


Most travelers may choose to immerse themselves in big cities of the country in Southeast Asia like Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, or quite paradise in Bali, Laos, and Thailand. The best time to visit countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines largely depend upon dodging the crowds and avoiding the hottest, humid weather. Here is the best time to visit every country in Southeast Asia.



Best Time to Visit Malaysia


Located near the equator, Malaysia’s climate is categorized as equatorial, being hot and humid throughout the year.
The average rainfall is 250 centimeters a year and the average temperature is 27 °C.

The best time to visit Malaysia is commonly between December to April. With spurts of rain here and there,
the weather is hot and humid most of the time throughout the year. The tropical monsoon climate of Malaysia ensures short spells of rain even in the driest season.



Best Time to Visit Brunei


The climate of Brunei is tropical equatorial that is a Tropical rainforest climate more subject to the Intertropical Convergence Zone than the trade winds and with no or rare cyclones.

The best time to visit Brunei is between January and May, however, the high season to travel in Brunei is between June to September. The weather between January and May is dry and warm, but not too hot.

February and March are the driest months of the entire year. This is a good time to travel in Brunei, as you will get to avoid the summer heat and the throng of tourists that come to the country during the peak season.



Best Time to Visit Cambodia


The best time to visit Cambodia is between November and April when it sees very little rain. During this time you’ll see clear blue skies making it a great time to enjoy a relaxing getaway on the southern coast.

The climate in Cambodia is like the rest of Southeast Asia, is dominated by monsoons, which are known as tropical wet and dry because of the distinctly marked seasonal differences. Cambodia has a temperature range from 21°C to 35°C and experiences tropical monsoons.



Best Time to Visit Timor-Leste


The best time to visit Timor-Leste is between May to October. Enjoy drier weather and greater visibility, before the wet season rains, sweep in to wash away roads and cloud your views. The climate is tropical and generally hot and humid.

It is characterized by distinct rainy and dry seasons. The capital, largest city, and main port is Dili and the second-largest city in the eastern town of Baucau. Timor-Leste is typically tropical with steamy days, balmy nights, and temperatures hovering between 20-30°C.



Best Time to Visit Myanmar


Much of the country lies between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator. It lies in the monsoon region of Asia, with its coastal regions receiving over 5,000 mm of rain annually.

Annual rainfall in the delta region is approximately 2,500 mm, while the average annual rainfall in the dry zone in central Myanmar is less than 1,000 mm. The northern regions of Myanmar are the coolest, with average temperatures of 21 °C.

Coastal and delta regions have an average maximum temperature of 32 °C. The very best time of year to visit Myanmar is between November and February, with warm dry days bringing in the bulk of the country’s annual visitors. However, a visit in the ‘green season can reward those looking to explore key sites in more solitude.



Best Time to Visit Indonesia


The best months to visit Indonesia are May, June, and September, during the shoulder months of the dry season. You’ll get clear days but the islands won’t be as crowded or expensive as during peak season in July and August, nor as hot and humid so ideal for long hikes and cycle rides.

The uniformly warm waters that makeup 81% of Indonesia’s area ensure that temperatures on land remain fairly constant, with the coastal plains averaging 28°C, the inland and mountain areas averaging 26°C, and the higher mountain regions, 23°C.

Temperature varies little from season to season, and Indonesia experiences relatively little change in the length of daylight hours from one season to the next; the difference between the longest day and the shortest day of the the year is only forty-eight minutes.



Best Time to Visit Laos


Laos has a tropical climate, with a pronounced rainy season from May through October. Generally, monsoons occur at the same time across the country, although that time may vary significantly from one year to the next.

The best time to visit Laos is between November and April when the weather’s warm and dry throughout. River travel is best between November and January, when high water levels make passage easy along Laos’ main waterway, the Mekong River.



Best Time to Visit Singapore


The best time to visit Singapore is from December to June, although Singapore is a year-round destination. The months of
February to April fall within Singapore’s dry season and is typically when the country has the least amount of rain, the lowest humidity, and the most sunshine.

Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate with no distinctive seasons, uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity, and abundant rainfall. Temperatures usually range from 23 to 32 °C.



Best Time to Visit The Philippines


The best time to visit the Philippines is from December to March when temperatures are around 24°C to 31°C. At this time beautiful islands and more remote areas are fully accessible. Although the dry season lasts from November to April, temperatures are high during March and April, with highs of 34°C.



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Best Time to Visit Thailand

Thailand is a great year-round destination, but the best weather is usually between November and April. The climate varies between the east and the west coast.

September brings the heaviest rainfall on the west coast, while the east coast gets its highest rainfall in November. Most of Thailand has a “tropical wet and dry or savanna climate” type. The majority of the south as well as the eastern tip of the east have a tropical monsoon climate. Parts of the south also have a tropical rainforest climate.



Best Time to Visit Vietnam


While this variety makes Vietnam a year-round destination, spring is typically the best time to visit the entire country between March to April, when days are generally pleasant, temperatures are moderate and rainfall is light.

Vietnam is located in both a temperate and a tropical zone, Vietnam’s climate is characterized by strong monsoon influences but has a considerable amount of sun, a high rate of rainfall, and high humidity.





Much of Southeast Asia is within the tropical climatic zone with temperatures above 25°C throughout the year. The region is strongly influenced by the Asian monsoons, which bring a significant amount of rainfall to parts of Southeast Asia.

The period from November through February is generally the best one to visit Southeast Asia when drier, cooler weather prevails. Hot, humid weather characterizes Southeast Asia, which lies within the Tropics close to
the equator.

But for most travelers, it’s a great experience to visit Southeast Asian countries during their festivals no matter how good or bad the weather condition is.

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