Gracos Downhill Resort offers tranquility, peace, and most importantly exclusivity. Located in the mountains of Hda San Antonio, Barangay Sta. Cruz, Murcia in Negros Occidental, this property is lush with trees and beautiful nature which brings an abundance of fresh air and a soothing ambiance. The pool is fed by running water keeping it fresh and rejuvenating, a truly unique experience!

There are a lot of things you can see when you go to Gracos. Before you reach the resort, you will be greeted with a cool atmosphere surrounded by lots of trees and unique houses along the way. Because of its balance weather, the area is an ideal spot for conditioning fighter fowls, farming, and keeping other live stocks.

What to see

126 Rainbow stairs

Take the challenging 126 steps reaching the top of a hill. Once you get to the top you can see the bird’s eye view of the resort.

Beautiful gardens

Gracos Downhill Resort is designed with well-maintained gardens full of colorful flora.

Funny wood signs

Take a photo of you or your friend with a background of these hugot lines, funny dramatic statements expressing love, heartbreak, and misery.

Bird watching

Gracos is surrounded by tall trees which makes it a good spot for watching different species of birds.

Where to eat

Gracos Downhill Resort offers delicious food and drinks in their canteen. Enjoy the best traditional Filipino
cuisines including tapsilog, longsilog, tinolang manok, and sisig or international dishes like beef nachos,
pizza, and spaghetti. They also offer the best beverages like hot or cold coffee, fruit juices, milk tea, soft drinks, and many more.


Gracos Downhill Resort Rates

Entrance ₱50

  • free entrance for 3 years old and below children
  • 20% discount for senior citizens and PWD

Corkage fee ₱300 (food and drinks)


  • ₱400 good for 10 persons
  • ₱500 good for 15 persons

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How to get to Gracos Downhill Resort

By Private Vehicle or Taxi

From Bacolod City public plaza, head south to Araneta street.
Take a left turn on Alijis road going to Murcia public market
From Murcia public market head east going to Gracos

By Public Transport

To commute from Bacolod City public plaza

  • Take a jeepney going to Libertad Public Market
  • From Libertad going to Murcia Public Market you can take Mambukal via Libertad bus
  • or Murcia via Bacolod jeepney
  • From Murcia Public Market you need to rent a tricycle going to Gracos
  • 5 to 6 persons per tricylce (₱250 per tricycle)

Other Resorts in Murcia Negros Occidental

  • Graceland Hotel and Resort
  • Mambukal Resort
  • Twin River Resort
  • Pandanon Valley Resort
  • Del Carmen Forest Park and Resort
  • Baluarte Resort

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