Batu Caves


Malaysia has its fair share of wonders from the gigantic Petronas Twin Towers that are a global icon to the famous Mount Kinabalu. Another one of these wonders is the magnificent Batu Caves that have been a tradition for our Indian brothers for more than 100 years.

You must be thinking that a cave would be so boring as the only thing you’ll be staring at is a giant hole in the mountains. You’ll be surprised just how much there is to do at Batu Caves and we’re here to help you through all the experiences you’re missing out on.

Here are 7 things you should do the next time you visit Batu Caves to ensure that you’ve experienced everything there is to offer in the sacred area.


7 Things You Experience When Visiting Batu Caves for The First Time



1. Take A Picture with Lord Murugan


Lord Murugan is the Indian God of War that has been a significant part of Hindu culture since ancient times. Before the 272 steps in Batu Caves leading up to the Cathedral Caves sits a huge statue of Lord Murugan standing 140 ft tall.

This statue is the tallest statue of Lord Murugan in the world, very hard to miss whenever you’re in the area.



2. Visit the Cathedral Caves


This is the most well-known landmark within Batu Caves out of all the caves of the surrounding area and for a good reason too. Getting to the cave itself is a journey on its own as you’ll be climbing up the 272 steps while taking in the colors of each step.

Inside the cave is where you’ll find the beautiful limestones hanging from the ceiling and visit Sri Subramania Swamy Temple, a place where Hindus gather during Deepavali a festival of lights in celebration of the light’s triumph over the darkness.



3. Brave Through the Dark Caves


Looking for a little thrill and excitement? There is a cave in Batu Caves kept in its natural glory with caverns, rock formations, and a number of animals not seen anywhere else. The Dark Caves is off-limits to the public to keep it away from the destructive hands of man.

With that said, it’s still possible to schedule a visit with the Malaysian Nature Society as they still plan visits from time to time. You’ll be amazed at what a thousand years can do to shape a cave to its most beautiful state.



4. The Fascinating Ramayana Cave


Another cave worth visiting is the Ramayana Cave located on the far left side of the area, facing the hill. On your way there, you’ll notice a 50-foot tall statue of the Hindu deity Hanuman which was believed to be a noble monkey devoted to Lord Rama, the supreme being of Hinduism.


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The cave depicts the story of Lord Rama before he was a deity and is as beautiful as the other on the inside with its crystal formations and huge caverns. They say that walking through these caverns will feel like going through the giant intestines of the demon, Kumbhakarann, the brother of King Ravana of Lanka.



5. Take A Walk Around the Cave Villa


If you want a quick tour around the rich culture of India, the Cave Villa will give you a quick glimpse of it. The cave is filled with murals, paintings, and inscriptions that were left by Indian poets since long past and it showcases their history to the world.

There’s also a mini zoo right before the Cave Villa housing small animals like rabbits, tortoises, and etc for those who like watching these critters in their habitat.

A reptile cave can also be found after the villa which has snakes and lizards exhibited to the public for their entertainment.
There’s an entrance fee of about $3 which you should know about before you go there empty-handed.



6. Food Is A Must


No one in the world travels without thinking about food, especially not when you’re traveling in a country known for food like Malaysia. Like any other region, Batu Caves also has its own selection of delicacies as well around the area and they aren’t even expensive either.

For those who love to eat Laksa, or Curry Noodles, you must try the XXL Curry Mee found in Coca Seafood Restaurant. It’s basically just another bowl of curry noodles but the proportions are scaled to a huge size that might as well feed a family.

There’s also Mel’s Corner that serves Durian cendol with a taste of Melaka as it’s topped with Gula Melaka, for those who just can’t get enough of our national fruit.



7. Gua Damai Extreme Park


Looking for something even more thrilling than the dark depths of the Dark Cave? Look no further as there is an extreme park located right behind Batu Caves that will keep your adrenaline pumping at an all-time high.

They specialize in rock climbing with at least 120 bolted routes designed for newcomers and elites alike. Their packages also include all equipment needed so you’ll be spending hours climbing without worries.

Though there is no entrance fee, booking is required so better make a call before you head there.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is Batu Caves? How Do You Get There? 

    Batu Caves is located only 12km away from the center of Kuala Lumpur and there’s a number of ways to get there including public busses, taxis, and even trains.

  2. Is it safe to visit Batu Caves? 

    Batu Caves is considered to be a safe area as there are many precautions put into place to prevent accidents from happening. As for the monkeys roaming around, it’s best to not provoke them.



Batu Caves is a wonderful area that has to be visited if you ever fly to Malaysia in Southeast Asia. There are a number of things to do than just stand around and enjoy the view. You can learn about Hindu culture and absorb the wonders of the beautiful caves.

Just be cautious of the monkeys around here as they may get a little mischievous if you’re not being careful enough.