Jeju Island is surrounded by a rich local culture quite distinct from the mainland. Here you can see statues made from
volcanic rock called dol hareubang – the name dol hareubang derives from the Korean word for “stone”, plus the Jeju dialect word hareubang, meaning “grandfather” or “senior” in Standard Korean, was coined in the mid-20th century.

Covering an area of 1833.2 kilometers Jeju Island is South Korea’s largest island. This popular island in South Korea is called the Hawaii of Korea. The island has many beautiful beaches, stunning places and plenty to do, and breathtaking scenery for relaxation.

One of the best islands in Southeast Asia, Jeju Island is stunning and has several beautiful landmarks you should not miss.



How to get to Jeju Island

Travel By Plane

Most travelers choose to get to the island by plane and you can get there from a few different airports in Korea, you just
have to figure out which airport is closest to you. Here are the airports that have an available trip to Jeju Island.

  • Gimpo Airport
  • Wonju Airport
  • Cheongju Airport
  • Gimhae Airport (Busan)


Travel By Ferry

It’s easy enough to get to on a ferry especially if you live down south. There are lots of options to choose from. You can book tickets before departure online. After booking a ticket online you need to check in at the ticketing booths to check your IDs.

Ticket booths close 10 minutes before departure even if you’ve reserved seats so make sure you’re there in time.
Walk-in passengers, they require to arrive at the passenger terminal at least 40 minutes before departure.
Passengers taking a car are asked to arrive 1-2 hours before departure.

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Getting around the island

It’s easy to get to the island but once you’re there, you’ll probably want to rent a car if you want to see more and do
more of the adventure. If you don’t know how to drive or don’t plan on renting a car, just make sure you stay near
the sites you want to explore because buses are few and far between, you could potentially spend a ton of time waiting.

Here are some options if you want to get around the island:

  • Airport transfer
  • Rent a car
  • Private Car
  • Tour Services
  • Jeju City bus


Jeju City

Not so similar to other cities in Korea, Jeju City offers extremely inspiring and beautiful scenery. It is a convenient
place to stay as it’s near the airport and other attractions. Jeju City is a hub for transportation on the island and every bus will likely get to the city. The city has a ton of the best restaurants and cafes and pretty much everything you could want for an easy stay.


Jeju City Attractions

  • Yongduam Rock & Coastal Walk
  • Jeolmul Natural Recreation Forest
  • Jeju Horse Pastureland
  • Jeju Loveland
  • Jeju Museum of Art
  • Gwaneumsa Buddhist Temple



Where To Stay In Jeju City

  • Hotel Regentmarine The Blue
  • Maison Glad Jeju
  • Ramada Plaza Jeju Ocean Front
  • Hotel Nanta Jeju
  • Shilla Stay Jeju
  • LOTTE City Hotel Jeju



Where To Stay In Northwest Jeju


  • Jeju Marevo Resort
  • Aguila Hotel Jeju
  •  Jeju Sorang N Farms Village
  • Best Western Hotel Jeju=
  • Ramada by Wyndham Jeju City Hall



Things to do in Jeju Island South Korea

  • Visit Jeongbang Waterfalls
  • Experience cart riding at Wind 1947 Jeju Extreme Circuit
  • Discover the Oedolgae
  • Explore Jusangjeolli Hexagon Lava Cliff
  • Visit Jeju Folk Village
  • Enjoy Jeju Woman diver show\
  • Trek Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak
  • Explore Jeju Venice
  • Visit Teddy Bear Museum
  • Trek Mount Halla
  • Visit Hallim Park
  • Enjoy Play K-Pop Museum
  • Try Jeju Horseback Riding
  • Wander along Gwangchigi Beach
  • Try Korean Food
  • Discover Jeju Loveland

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