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Asia is one of the world’s best regions to travel to. First-time travelers can get easily overwhelmed by the thought of exploring this massively diverse region.

Every Asian country has its own beliefs, cultures as well as rules and regulations, that you need to follow. Not only that there’s a few preparations you need to do when traveling Asia like unpredictable weather conditions.

Why Choose to Travel Asia?

Home to some of the world’s oldest cultures, beautiful natural landscapes, fascinating architecture, friendly locals, and delicious foods, Asia is a top holiday destination.

Asia is a place to some earliest architecture and ancient empires of the world and full of fascinating historical sites, each with its own unique charm.

To help you better prepare your trip, here are the Top 12 Tips In Traveling Asia

Tips You Need when Traveling Asia

1. Pack Light

bag with clothes and hat

Traveling light will give you a lot of advantages. Just pack the clothes you need for one week plus your travel essentials. Consider taking just a carry-on bag and just bring things you needed the most.

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2. Always Be Prepared for Rain

man with umbrella under the rain at the roadside walking

Rainy season doesn’t happen at the same time and in the same Place in Asia. Like for example in Malaysia or Thailand, it may be rainy season on the west coast but not on the east coast.

Or when it’s monsoon in Malaysia, it’s a dry season in Bali. You can move around the region to choose and enjoy the best weather.

3. Avoid Over-planning

notebook with pen writing notes

For most, it’s natural to do some research and create some outlines for what you want to see and do in a place you wanted to travel.

But plans will also inevitably change when you get to the location. You may think in advance whether your plan is necessary or will it create difficulties in some situations.

Remember that improvising is relatively easy and fun.

4. Rent a Motorbike When You Can

motorcycle parked at roadside

While you can get to the nicest spots using public vehicles like buses or taxis, renting a motorcycle is a total game-ganger.

But make sure that you can drive one and do take care as traffic accidents are by far the biggest danger to travelers in Asia. To drive safely, the key is to drive in moderate speed while you are aware of your surroundings while driving.

5. Bring Some Medicine

assorted medicines

Taking some considered most important medicines for travelers like Loperamide, Antacids, Antihistamines, and pain or fever medication are essential.

You must be ready for things you may encounter like changes in weather that may cause headache, food, and water that sometimes affect minor health conditions.

6. Drink Water Safely

water bottle rolling in the waves at the seashore

Stick to bottled water, tap water is generally not safe to drink. Bottled water is available everywhere.

7. Choose Local to Save Money

asian lady eating noodle soup

You can try Asian food, there’s a lot to choose from. It’s way cheaper and delicious instead of hamburgers and pizzas.

Also try some local products which are cheap with reasonable quality like clothes, slippers and more.

8. Ignore Some Public Vehicle Driver’s Advice

tuk-tuk parking waiting for passengers

According to most travelers in Asia, some (very few) public utility vehicle drivers are not reliable. They’ll often just take you to traps or some random locations like a guesthouse where they get a commission for bringing you there.

Yes there are bad people, but there are much more good people that will help and bring you where you want to go without any problem.

9. Be Respectful to Their Culture

temple with red color paint

Like temples and holy sites, it requires you to dress appropriately. You need to cover your upper legs and shoulders.

Most of the holy temples that are frequently visited by tourists might have clothes that you can borrow to wrap around your body in case you’re wearing clothing that they consider inappropriate.

10. Respect the Animals

people taking photo while riding at the back of an elephant

Animal riding sounds fun, but most animals like elephants, water buffalo, and tortoises are often horribly abused and traumatized so that they’ll follow commands.

11. Be Patient

man patiently waiting

Not everything runs exactly the way you expected. Delays are really common and travel plans can go bad. Just relax and understand the situation. It’s all part of the adventure.

12. Avoid Scams

lady covering her face

Traveling around Asia, scams are pretty rare in Asia, but you might still encounter one now and then. Do record everything if possible like taking photos of the current conditions of anything you rent is one example.


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